I am going to ask her out

Today I finally meet someone, in a group gathering.

It was only after our ways separated that I dared to think we had something romantic going on, and weren't just very close friends.

I wasn't a lot in society before, so I just didn't know. maybe people hh when just close friends?

Now I know I was wrong.

Also the title is misleading, I doubt I'll have the courage. But, like someone yesterday told me, “Many machines are in one's head, just let go of it all”. so I'll just let go. I'll finish writing this post, and then not think about it until it meets me in the face.

I really wish it'll go good. and that she doesn't surprises me with someone she's dating. that.. idk. she probably would have told me? idk idk idk.

anyway. for now, I'll just read my book, learn more cloud, visit my brother, and then I'll meet her. and lots of other people I didn't see in some time (8 months). but mostly her.

Really, I am not a good friend with anyone there but her. so. I wish I knew what she was thinking.

okay [how do I call myself here? oh right, ague] agur, just let go of it. you'll just ask her, and that would be all. bye now. go read something. There's still more than 12 hours. breathe.