Shitty morning, good overall day

Yesterday I wake up, and the first breath I take is the stink of the leak from my stoma. It's not the first time at all, but it was annoying. Took my morning – albeit just an hour. I'm just an expert now at failures like that, so I was doing it half asleep.

Took my free hour between 7am when I wake, and 8am when my day starts. forced me to jump out my bed and start working before I even fully wake. and I didn't eat breakfast – kinda sucks.

The thing I noticed only at that evening, is that once my day started, I completey forgot about the shitty morning – and luckily it didn't project to the rest of the day.

There was lots of social interactions, more than I'm used to daily: being at my laptop with earphones, talking to people only at lunch/dinner. So it really weared that thing off of me. So if there was a good day to get a leak – it was this day.

It's not the first time, really. I like social interactions.

They do tire me A LOT. and after that I'm like, just gimme my phone, music, and see no one. but I like it. and I like how I'm getting better at it.

People are like, “you talking way too much, what happened to you??” and like “the past minute you said more words than I have ever heard from you” and similar things. in a good way. that I'm being more open, less shy, stuff like that.

so yesterday and today was two days at that thingy, so that's why so much social interactions. rest of the week it's me and my laptop, and Azure cloud. less talking, less talkative people if I do choose to talk, but that's fine. I'll survive. and progress in my training.

Also, I really like this girl. So I guess that's part of it. even there's nothing between us, she just makes everything better.